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Thursday, 12-09-10, the PGR had a mission in Archer City Texas for a WWII Veteran who had fought on Iwo Jima and Tarawa, Claude A. Morrison Sr, U.S.M.C. Scroll down and join us on the Mission to Archer City Texas for the funeral and internment of this true American Hero. REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE.

Some of those on today's mission are: Left to Right: Bud, Paul, Ted, Lance and Shawn

The staging area for those of us that were going to Archer City Texas from Wichita Falls Texas, was at the Wal-Mart on Southwest Parkway/TX79 at noon. Those there when I arrived are from left to right: Ted, Lance, Paul, Ellen, Floyd and Bud. Ellen is the Oklahoma PGR State Chaplain, who just happened to drive by and stop as we were getting ready to head out.

Ellen took this pic of those of us who were going on the mission. Left to right: me, Ted, Lance, Paul, Shawn, David, Floyd and Bud.

The riders and bikes in the parking lot as we wait for the KSU time of 12:15 p.m.

Gary arrives on his new 2011 Harley Ultra Classic

This is Lance's Harley Trike

This is Ted's Harley Road King

Tim arrives at the staging point

Floyd and David talking with us prior to our departure.

We pull out and head South on TX79

The view behind. I think it is Shawn, then David and Gary. Lance is the tail gunner

I tried to take a pic from my foot board area but I had the lens pointed a little too much to the right

Another view to rear. Paul is in the truck to the rear. David is on the white Goldwing

A short time later we arrive in Archer City Texas and at the First Baptist Church of Archer City Texas . For more on this Church, see this link:

We parked the bikes on the side of the Church. Here are Cathy and Lance talking.

Looking at the flags down the side of the Church to the front of the Church

Here is Ted by the side of the Church. He and Tex are the Ride Captains for today.The Road Captains and other various officers of the PGR wear the maroon caps. Members wear the blue caps and do-rags. If you are curious about the PGR (Patriot Guard Riders) go to their site below and check it out. If you wish to join the PGR (it's free) and you sign up on line.
You DO NOT need to be a Vey OR ride a motorcycle. Go to their site and they will direct you. Once you ride with us on a mission, I can almost guarantee that you will join us. I consider a GREAT HONOR to be a part of the PGR and the best organization I've joined.

This is Pastor Roger Deerinwater with old time friend Tim and Tex

Our bikes as seen from the side door of the Church. The bikes with the large flags, will stay and escort the funeral procession to the cemetery. Those of us without large flags, will leave for the cemetery to get flags set up there by the grave site.

There was a good breeze to keep the flags fluttering

Cathy and Lance are long time friends and they talk at the parking lot.

Me and Charlie at the Church parking lot

David, Charlie and Bud at the Church parking lot in Archer City Texas

David by the big flag bikes. David & I have been friends and former co-workers for 30 years or more..

Angela arrives (on the yellow trike) and the guys talk with her as she unfurls the big flags on her trike

Left to right: Charlie, Nubbin(with back to camera), Bud, Bill, Edmond, Ted, Angela (yellow shirt) and Cathy

While we wait to stand the flag line, we talk together at a respectful distance from the Church. Left to right: Tim, Nubbin, Charlie, Bud and Ted

Tex gives us our final briefing as Tim & Nubbin listen in.

Bill, Charlie, Edmond and Angela getting some advice from Ted. Bill and Edmond are brothers and ride identical looking white Honda Gold Wings.

This is Angela. She & Nubbin are some of the greatest people I know. The cemetery where we are going, is where Nubbin & Angela's son, Gary is interned. He was KIA in Iraq in 2007. He was a Sgt in the USMC

Lance with his flag. Lance is very picky on who, where & when pictures can be taken of him, and I walk the edge by taking pictures of him anyway. Thank God he partially likes me.. LOL

Here is Ted with his flag. He and Inez and their family, I consider my second family here in Texas. I love all of them. I also take a lot of pics of Ted on rides and missions and send them up to his daughter, Vickie, in Fort Collins Colorado, so she can keep track of his going ons when she's not here visiting. She has an OUTSTANDING M/C blog at the following link: . Check it out!!

Kenny with his Flag. I have known Kenny for 20 years or more

To the right front are Nubbin with the USMC flag, Gary, Bill, David walking towards the flag line with Kenny following.

The left side up front, left to right: Bud, Edmond, Charlie, Lance and Angela

On the outside under the drive up overhead for the side door and to my right, is Ted

This is the back of Shawn's leather. He is President of Chapter 10 and they have just started this club. He wants to get all members into the PGR and he wants to get his Chapter and the local Blue Knights Chapter together for some rides and events.

David thinks Kenny is a little close and points to where Kenny should be. Kenny's got the "yeah right, sure" look on his face.. lol

Our side of the drive and to my left are: Shawn, Floyd and Paul

A short while later, they move us into the hallway of the First Baptist Church. The family will come down this hall to get to the Church Sanctuary for the service. The view to my right.

The view from the front of the flagline back to where the family will be emerging from the dining hall. First three are Ted, Paul and Floyd

As the service begins, we are ushered back outside, where we will gather up flags and put them in the support truck. From there we will head out to the cemetery. Several of our folks head back to Wichita Falls at this point due to previous engagements. Cathy gets ready to head to the Cemetery and Lance get ready to head back to Wichita Falls

As the last of the flags are put up, we get ready to head out.

Cathy and Floyd as we gear up to leave. Cathy is also a member of the Christian Motorcyclists Association (C.M.A.) For more on the C.M.A. organization, see this link:

After a very short ride, we arrive at the Archer City Cemetery.

Just inside the cemetery, this area is on the right.

This is the headstone and area that Nubbin & Angela's son, Gary is interened.

The PGR members get the flags and rebar and start setting up flags from the beginning of the Cemetery entrance to the burial site..

I notice the USMC Honor Guard near by. The man in the civilian clothes is Mr. Wright. He is from the local VFW and he was in WWII. He was a Navy Corpsman assigned to the Marine grunt units during several of the Pacific Island battles, and as everybody knows, being a combat medic in war time and in the field, is a very dangerous place to be.He was also WIA and a recipiant of the Purple Heart.

The bikes and support trucks as seen up by the entrance.

The USMC Honor Guard, from left to right: SGT James Reichler, SSGT Roy Villa and CPL Thomas Herritz. These Marines were sharp and professional in their actions today. They are based at the NAS in Ft. Worth Texas and it was an Honor to meet these men today. The U.S. Marines should recognize these men as they are a difinite asset to the Marine Corps. I thank you for your service, dedication and sacrifice to the United States in keeping us free. May God protect you in your future assignments and put a hedge of protection around you daily.

Ted heads back to the support truck after checking the flags

The static flag line as seen from the entrance of the cemetery

The back of Tim's vest. I hadn't noticed this before or this may be something new. I'll have to ask him

At the support truck at the Archer City Texas cemetery: left to right: Tim, Tex (PGR Ride Captain), Mr. Wright (WWII Navy Vet), Charlie and Ted (PGR Ride Captain).

After the service, we start to gather up the flags. Here's the view of the big flag bikes as seen from just inside the cemetery entrance

Looking at the PGR members approaching with the gathered up flags

The front of Nubbin's Harley Trike.The decal right abov the PGR decal is an In Memory decal of his son Gary , who was killed in Iraq in 2007. Nubbin had pins made up that look just like the decal. We all wear the pin in Honor of Gary, on our vests.

The flags are brought back to the Support truck, where we furl each one and place them carefully in the flag bags. Left to right: Tex, Cathy, Paul and Kenny.

Here is Ted furling a flag with Cathy and Paul behind him.

as we leave the cemetery and head home, a few of us were riding to one other location while we were here in Archer City. That's Charlie in front of me and Ted in the lead. That should be a major clue as to our destination to those of you who follow the North Texas Bikers Blogs.

We get to our destination and park the bikes. Starting with the closest bike: my Harley Heritage Softail, Charlie's Harley Ultra Classic, Ted's Harley Road King and Gary's new Harley Ultra Classic.

Our destination? We are at the DQ (Dairy Queen for those out of country viewers. It is a place of business that is known mainly for ice cream but also sells burgers and stuff like that). When we ride with Ted, we SHALL stop at any DQ we ride up on. Ted loves those dipped cones as do the rest of us.

Here is Gary ordering up a drink. That is Bill in the grey sweatshirt paying for his order.

Charlie and Bill at our table. The guy standing in the background was a Randy Quaid look alike. Archer City Texas is where they filmed THE LAST PICTURE SHOW and TEXASVILLE. He starred in both of the shows. My wife, Janice, was an extra in TEXASVILLE at the rodeo sequence.

Ted and Gary talking as Ted waits on his food order.

Nubbin & Angela are having a good time as they await their food order.

That is Angela's Yellow Honda Goldwing Trike and Nubbin's Harley Trike that are parked with our bikes now.

Bill and Edmond are brothers and they ride identical white Honda Goldwings, both set up for the big flags.

Gary is on his Ultra Classic as we get ready to head back to Wichita Falls Texas. This will end this post.
I enjoyed today's ride and I enjoyed meeting Paul, Floyd, Ellen and Shawn and I look forward to riding with them again. It was an HONOR to be asked by the family of Claude A Morrison Sr, to be a part of the service. Claude was a true American Hero and a part of the dwindling list of The Greatest Generation.
Scroll WAY down for more rides, events and runs. Be sure to click on the "older posts" link at the bottom of EACH page or under the last post on the page.
Continue to pray for ALL our troops, both in and out of Harm's Way, especially for Che Whitaker who currently is in the Afghanistan Theatre of Operations.
Until next post, ya'll be careful out there, keep the rubber on the road, your head on a swivel and most important of all... RIDE SAFE! ! .....

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  1. Hey John, I really enjoy reading your posts and looking at the pics of PGR missions, it's a really incredible thing that you guys do for the fallen heroes and their families.