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Sunday, 10-10-10, we had a North Texas PGR Meet & Greet in Childress Texas. We met at the Red River Harley Davidson Dealership in Wichita Falls Texas between 10 a.m.-10:25 a.m and went KSU at 10:30 a.m. Scroll down and join us for this 104.7 mile trip (one way) and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE.

Jody & Katie out by Jody's P/u truck at RRHD

Ted at RRHD

Left to right: part of Barbara, Laura, Moe, Larry, Dennis and Tex. Mike is backing his bike up in the background

Ted & Mike at RRHD

Tex at RRHD

Matt at RRHD..

Matt & Dennis at RRHD waiting for KSU time

Mike at RRHD. Mike is one of our Senior PGR North Texas Ride Captains

Barbara talks with Larry & Alice as Tex prepares to give the pre ride briefing.

Bud at Red River Harley Davidson (RRHD) in Wichita Falls Texas

Matt, the MAN!!. He bought my other bike when I sold it.

Kirby, photographer extraordinaire at RRHD!!

Katie & Jody at RRHD in Wichita Falls Texas

Katie and Jody a go-go!!

Old Glory waving proudly in the Southern wind!!

Left to right: Jody, Mike, Barbara and Alice listen as Tex gives the pre-ride briefing...

Alice, Katie Larry, Dennis and Matt also listen as Tex gives the briefing

Kirby takes a picture of me taking a picture of him...

Ted, Mike, Tex, Larry and Bud listens as Tex gives the briefing...

Barbara greets the folks as they arrive: in this picture left to right: Barbara, Mike, Gary & Jean Ann, Joe & Sherrie on the bike in back and Nubbin on the o.d. green trike

Ted talking to Angela as Tex walks over to Joe & Sherrie. You can see a little bit of Kirby taking a picture...

Joe and Sherrie at Red River Harley Davidson in Wichita Falls Texas

The Harley sign, flags and Pegasus out front of the Red River Harley Davidson Dealership. See this link for more on Red River Harley Davidson:

Larry on his bike as we head North on US287

Looks like DPS is out and about keeping the Highways safe & sound, thus giving us two wheel riders a safer ride.. THANKS DPS, we appreciate all you do for us, the citizens, of the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS. For more on Texas DPS, see this link:

A truck pulling a horse trailer, passes Mike on Northbound US287

Dennis & Moe on their bike as they go North on US287

This is Mike on his bike as he heads North on US287

Barbara, on her bike as she heads North on US287

Bud on his bike as he heads North on US287

Katie on her bike as she heads North up US287

Mike and his bike as he heads North on US287

Jimmy on his bike as he heads North on US287

Gary & Jean Ann on their bike as they head North on US287

Larry & Alice on their trike as they head North on US287

Ted on his Harley as he heads North on US287

Joe and Sherrie on their Harley as they head North on US287. Joe & Sherrie were featured on the front cover of the OCTOBER 2010 issue of THUNDER ROADS TEXAS Magazine. Congratulations you two!!!

Laura on her bike as she heads North on US287

Tex on his Harley as he heads North on US287

Angela and her trike as she heads North on US287

Nubbin on his trike as he heads North on US287

Kirby and Jody as they head North on US287

Ted, in front of me, as we head North on US287

Ted in front of me and that is Larry & Alice on the trike in the mirror

Ted and the other folks up in front of me as we head North on US287 enroute to Chillicothe Texas and our 1st stop to allow the folks who stopped in Vernon Texas, to meet the riders coming in from Oklahoma, to catch up

I show us doing a little over 70 mph as we head North on US287

That's Larry & Alice on the trike, then Laura, Tex, and that's Jody & Kirby in the p/u truck. Can't make out who the other riders are..

Here we arrive at the Fina Gas Station in Chillicothe Texas for our 1st stop.

Duane & Teresa leaving the gas pump while Mark & Christina gas up

The riders at the Fina Station in Chillicothe Texas. We would meet up here with the folks coming down from Oklahoma...

That's Nubbins O.D. green trike and Angela's trike (yellow)

left to right: Bud, Moe, unk, Debbie, Jerry and Christina at the Fina Station in Chillicothe Texas

The skull on the back of, I believe, Mark's vest...

Teresa & Duane and Mark & Christina. They are from Seminole Oklahoma and rode down to see Jerry & Debbie

Duane & Teresa, Christina & Mark and Debbie & Jerry

Here is Barbara getting ready to head out as Bud prepares to mount up.

Mike waves as we near Childress Texas

The riders behind me as we continue North on US287

Mike in front of me and Barbara up in front of him as we near Childress Texas

The Welcome To Childress area as seen from Northbound US287

The Childress Texas City Limits sign

Tex's bike and the pavillion area below..

The gate & walkway to the pavillion area at Fair Park, Childress Texas

Katie is glad to arrive after her close call on US287 where a SUV speeded up as Katie was changing lanes and almost tagged her

A member o the Iron Soldiers MC arrives at the Meet & Greet

Katie at the PGR Meet & Greet in Childress Texas

Gary is one of our North Texas PGR Ride Captains

Sherrie waits for Joe to load up their gear before heading down to the pavillion

some of the bikes and riders that are in Childress Texas at the PGR Meet & Greet in Fair Park

Here are Sherrie & Joe. Joe is a North Texas PGR Ride Captain

Sherrie & Joe in Childress Texas

This is Chell. She is the PGR Regional Contact Coordinator

This is Chell and her son, Hayden..

Today's cooks hard at work...Fair Park Childress Texas

The back of Mike's PGR shirt.

Barbara relaxing after a good ride up here to Childress Texas

Sitting under cover: outer ring: Larry & Alice. Inner ring left to right: Angela & Nubbin, Mike, Gary & Jean Ann and Sherrie & Joe

This is Debbie, Jerry's wife. They are from Vernon, Texas

As Dennis walked by, he reached out and clicked my shutter button and took this pic of Larry L talking to Laura...

This is Danita. She was one of the members of the GOLD STAR FAMILIES present with us today

Dennis hanging around and talking with us.

Mike is enjoying himself. Mike & his wife, Barbara, are Senior Ride Captains with the North Texas PGR.

Part of the PGR members hanging out under the pavillion cover as the food is being prepared. Left to right: Sherrie & Joe, Grinch, Matt, Mike, Danita, unk, Bud, unk...

Hayden walks away from the truck after he and his mom return from getting more supplies. Chell is getting the items from the bed of the truck

This is Jim. He is not a former Marine nor is he an ex Marine. He told me there are no such Marines. He said he is a Marine. So I took him over and introduced him to another Marine.....

Here is the other Marine, Bud. This is Bud talking to Jim about their Marine Corps days and that is Ted, in the background, looking on.

Grinch gets our attention and makes some brief announcements before we eat

Grinch also thanked all of us for coming to Childress for this PGR Meet & Greet. We all think the world of Grinch and I was glad I got to attend..

Mike listening in to the announcements

Th Iron Soldiers M/C were in attendence

Grinch gives the exchange student, from Switzerland, a PGR necklace.

This lucky man has just stepped up to the position of PGR Ride Captain. Congratulations!!

There was a large assortment of chips to pick as a side with your lunch....

That's Angela closest to the pole. The girl in purple is a foreign exchange student from Switzerland and has been in the USA and Texas for one week...

Left to right, the food line: Mike, Larry & Alice and Katie. Angela is on the other side of the pillar....

Looking up the hill, I see my bike (black) and Jimmy's bike (red), I think..

Moe shows Jimmy something on the Frito bag, as Larry waits in line..

My humble lunch..

Moe fixin' to dig in and gives me "the look" if i even think about taking her picture while she eats...

Joe is having a good time and, out of the goodness of his heart, allows me to take his picture. :)

That's Sherrie sitting next to Jean Ann and Gary on the other side of Jean Ann

This is Billy, Hayden and Chell. They were part of the hosting crew for this PGR Meet & Greet. Ya'll did an Outstanding job!!

This is Gary. He is a fellow PGR member as well as a fellow Blue Knight member. I beleive he told me he as a member of the Blue Knights TX XXXII, up in Shamrock Texas

Billy & Gary at the Fair Park Pavillion

Somebody had brought this dog with them. It was very friendly and was looking for handouts..I think it got quite a few handouts because it mingled in the pavillion area for a while.

Matt and Mike were having a good time

This is George & Kay and Tex & Laura. George is Tex's brother and he & Kay live in Quitaque Texas. I could pronounce it when they told me, but I have no clue this morning....CRS ya know.

The folks are getting ready to head back to Wichita Falls Texas. It was 104.7 miles from Red River Hasrley Davidson to Fair Park in Childress Texas..

Laura getting ready to leave. She is back riding after her mishap during the Byers Fun Run on 7-10-10 where she totaled her bike and escaped with just minor injuries. Go to the archives and click on July. Scroll down to the Byers Texas Benefit Bike Ride and click on that. The post will show the ride and pictures of Laura's accident

This is the pavillion in Fair Park where we had the PGR Meet & Greet. We noticed the colors were blue & gold, just like the PGR flags

Tex walks back to his bike as the others get ready and lined up across the street

This is Gary & Jean Ann talking to Tex and Sherrie as Dennis fixes something on Moe's helmet

The Childress Police were in the area today keeping an eye on things. I thought, with humor of course, that they were there in case anyone who thought they had exclusive rights to the colors blue & gold showed up and wanted us to take off our vests... lol

As we get ready to leave, Glena walks by as she heads to her bike

Ted is putting some gear up prior to our leaving Fair Park in Childress Texas. The red bike is Mike J's bike and the blue & black bike next to it belongs to Barbara

What can we say...when ya gots to go, you gots to go.

Ted heading over to his bike walks thru the long line of bikes parked across the street from his Harley.

Matt is saddled up and read to go..

As we leave Childress Texas, We decide to gas up in Quanah Texas. The formation as seen from the back.

That's Mike and Dennis & Moe gassed up and waiting on the others

Sherrie & Joe are gassed up and ready to go

That's Gary and Jean Ann finishing up at the gas pumps in Quanah Texas

We head out and split into two groups. That's Dennis & Moe up front followed by Mike, Matt and me as we head South on US287. This will conclude this post. I had a good time today: good weather, great ride and GREAT friends both old and new that I met in Childress.

You can scroll down for more rides, events and runs and don't forget to click on the "OLDER POSTS" link at the bottom of EACH page or directly below the post on that page.

You can access NORTH TEXAS BIKERS (I), NORTH TEXAS BIKERS II, and NORTH TEXAS BIKERS III AT THE FOLLOWING LINKS. (I) http://www.jjskewlstuff.blogspot,com/;
(II); (III)

Please contine to pray for ALL of our troops, both in and out of Harms way, especially for Che Whitaker who is in the Afghanistan Theatre.Until next post, ya'll be careful out there, keep the rubber on the road, keep your head on a swivel and most important of all.........................RIDE SAFE!!! ....................JOHN

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