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2010 TEXAS STATE H.O.G. RALLY DAY 1 9-2-10

Thursday, 9-2-10, was opening day for the 2010 Texas State H.O.G. Rally. The Rally was held this year in Wichita Falls Texas. Scroll down and join us on Day 1 of this much anticipated event. REMEMBER, IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE.

As I headed downtown to the MPEC building where the Rally was going to start at 11:00 a.m. , I had a clear sky and cool temps for the ride. Here I approach the "Flyover" as I head East on US82. I would get on the overpass and take the 6th St Exit and it would take me right to the MPEC and Kay Yeager Coliseum

I arrive at the MPEC (Multi-Purpose Event Center) and it is fairly quiet except for the fluttering of flags. For more on the MPEC, see this link:

I see a Wichita Falls Police car parked nearby and walk over. Inside is a former co-worker and a Harley Owner. Here is Sgt. Mike Yonts , Wichita Falls Texas Police Department, and me.

I walk over to MPEC to get checked in. I was volunteering to work the On-Site Registration table for the entire Rally. Here is the notice that was on all the outside front doors

Here is the event notice board just inside the front doors of MPEC.

The information table just outside the doors to the pre-registration and on-site registration room

This is the 2010 Harley Sportster Custom that the KIOWA CASINO was giving away Friday night (9-3-10). For more on the Kiowa Casino, see this link:

Inside the registration room, Kim , who will be working with me, picks up her pre-registration packet. ALL volunteers were required to be registered for the Rally. Something for you all to remember when attending Rallys that offer pre-registration: If you pre-register, you usually can order a shirt, rally pin and patch. That way, you don't get disappointed if you arrive late and find all the Rally shirts, pins and patches sold out. I know all of this Rally's Shirts, pins and patches went FAST!! The lady at the computer is Helen, who was in charge of the volunteers along with LeRoy.

Behind the pre-registration table are the multitude of boxes containing the pre-registration packets.

This is the on-site registration table. If you did not pre register, you came here to register for the Rally. If your National H.O.G. membership had lapsed or if you weren't a member of H.O.G. National, then you could renew or join here. You had to be a member of H.O.G. National to enter the rally, unless of course, you were a guest of a H.O.G. member.

Out in the hallway was a table set up to sell the official Rally shirts, pins and patches

They had these H.O.G. flags hanging on almost all of the tables. Some were black and some were orange

This is the current Director of the Red River Chapter of H.O.G, Greg. He and I have been friends for 30+ years and were co-workers. He and the other Officers in the H.O.G. Chapter have been working hard for the past several months getting this rally together.

Hiding behind the flag is another hard worker. Here is Royce and Greg getting things ready in the H.O.G room. This is where you would sign up for the various rides be offered during the rally. They had some outstanding rides to all four major points of the compass.

This is Tom. He would be working the On-site registration table with me and Kim. Tom's wife Jane, would also be here with us. They pulled Tom from us and he was doing security by the exit door of the registration room.

This is Mark & Jenn. They are H.O.G. members and he is a former co-worker. He got a Harley Ultra a while back and Jenn loves it..

This is Mona and Jane. Mona is with the Beaumont Texas H.O.G. Chapter. She and others, at their booth in the H.O.G. room were promoting the 2011 Texas State H.O.G. Rally, which will be held down in Beaumont Texas. Be sure to go online and pre-register for it.. They are also offering you the chance to order the shirt, pins and patch when you pre-register

This is Dorcas. She was at the table in the hall with Mackie, that promoted Wichita Falls Texas. You could find info and pamphlets for all the area land marks, hotels/motels. restaurants, etc.

Greg comes offer and gives me a big hug. I am 5'10" and he is 6'8", so I get crushed. Not to worry, as we do this every time we see each other. He is a great friend.

This is Ken. He is the City Doc and a good one too. He tours on his Harley all the time. He is also a Vietnam Vet who flew Hueys and is a Purple Heart Recipient. A good man and friend.

Theses blankets were all hand sewn by one of Wichita Falls Texas most talented people, Paula. Paula is always busy doing things like this and is also a member of C.M.A. (Christian Motorcyclists Association).

The ladies of Beaumont Texas getting their door prizes ready

The ladies of the Cowboy H.O.G. Chapter out of Beaumont are really fired up about being here and promoting the 2011 Texas Stae H.O.G. Rally which will be held down in Beaumont Texas

The 2011 Texas State Rally in Beaumont Texas is already in the planning stages and you can pre-register now and they let you order your Rally Shirts, pins & patches ahead of time

Three hard workers today are Royce, Greg and Dee. Dee works for the City of Wichita Falls Texas and she runs the MPEC.

This is Sharon and she and her husband Gene sponsor our Chapter of H.O.G., the Red River Chapter and they also own the Red River Harley Davidson Dealership. For more info, see this link:

The Red River Harley Davidson section in the Vendors room

This vendor was still setting up and didn't have the business signs up yet

Although not the official rally shirts, this vendor did sell a LOT of shirts, pins and patches to those attending the Rally that arrived after the official shirts, pins and patches were sold out.

This vendor had numerous items of interest to bikers from shirts, bandannas, helmets to assorted leather jackets, chaps and leather accessories for motorcycles. This section was for Antelope Creek Leather out of Borger Texas

For more on this vendor, see their online catalog at this link: . They say they have the Largest Selection of Leather Apparel West of the Mississippi.

These folks had this large section offering biker apparel and a large selection of patches that were sewn on your vest while you waited.

This section had leather products as well. The business name was not put out yet but they offered something called "Leather Legs, an alternative to Chaps"

This trailer was parked by the Leather Legs section and they also had an assortment of shirts available for purchase

Dallas Harley Davidson was on hand with numerous products available. For more info on Dallas Harley Davidson, check out this link:

This Vendor was still setting up but he had a larger assortment of sun glasses and what appeared to be metal works available for purchase.

There was Pinstriping By Jefferies at one section. He did some outstanding pis striping to several bikes at the rall. Check his site at the following link:

One helicopter company that does air evac's in our area is the Air Evac Lifeteam. For more info on this company, see this link:

My wife loves this company. Their product is those good smelling flameless candles that make a house smell good. It's called Scentsy and I am sure they did a lot of business at the Rally. To see what they have to offer, go to this site:

At the other end of the room was another patches and sewing while you wait business. They had an awesome collection of patches.

The snackbar was a popular stop for the folks at the Rally. This one was located in the H.O.G. room.

The other snack bar opened out to the hallway on the far side of the MPEC building in an area that you had to had an admission band around your wrist to gain entry...

This is the H.O.G. room. the table with the flags are where the riders would go to sign up for the Four Points guided rides. They had rides going to the North, South, East & West

This is Brad. he was Ride Captain for the East Ride

This is Helen and Lori. They worked the Pre- Registration table. Helen was in charge of the Registration volunteers, Pre & On Site.

This is Chris.She is Greg's wife and she was a volunteer that they used all over the MPEC building and she did a lot of time helping LeRoy out in the Volunteer Room

Greg, with an arm full of banners and Charlie, check with Helen on some last minute details.

Greg and Charlie at the Pre-Registration table.

Lori goes thru the Pre-Registration packets looking for one of the volunteers packet..

The Beaumont Texas folks come get their packets before the doors open..

This is our good friend, Robbie and her mom, Helen. Robbie was a volunteer and worked at the Wii display 99% of the Rally.

our good friends, Pattie & Lance. They have just recovered from a m/c accident in Abilene Texas in which their rear tire blew out on their Ultra at high speed and threw them off the bike. We are thankful that God spared their lives and they are back riding again. They just bought a new Black & Chrome Harley trike..

Lori and her daughter, Michelle. Michelle would be working the Pre-Registration Table with Lori. Lori, A.J. and Michelle are good friends and we ride together on quite a few rides.

Pattie & Lance at the Pre-Registration table picking up their packets..

This is Mark, the Rally Treasurer. He was in constant demand the entire Rally and seemed to be everywhere at once.

Jane & Tom worked the On-Site Registration table with me the entire Rally as did Kim.

The "Powers That Be" have a final meeting to go over details.. Valerie, the Regional H.O.G. Rally Coordinator, is in the black/white shirt and LeRoy is looking to see what I am up to..

This is Rory and Greg. Rory is Greg's son. Greg is 6'8" and I am guessing Rory must be at least 7' 1" or better..

It was also Greg's birthday and this was his birthday cake that he let us all sample...

This is Valerie, Sgt. Spragins, Kim and Sgt. Dotson. Both Sgt's are with the WFPD and are part of the many off duty police officers working security at the Rally.

Here, we are looking at the table right in front of the doors to the Registration Room. Everyone attending the Rally had to sign a ride release form and most of the folks signed at this table. Some signed at our table prior to registering and some signed over at the Pre-registration table.

Our good friend, Moe, gets her packet and heads out to find Dennis, her Husband. Dennis has a motorcycle accent lighting business call "C Me Shine". If you want a professional accent lighting job put on your motorcycle, call Dennis today at 940-782-6312...He'll do you right!

The Registration Room door is opened and the folks pour in. The 2010 TEXAS STATE H.O.G. RALLY in Wichita Falls Texas, has begun!!

Mark and his wife, Jenn stop by and talk with Sgts Dotson & Spragins.

Mark & Jenn check out some of the brochures and free items located on the registration table

LeRoy is in charge of keeping track of all the volunteer's time and hands out the orange Volunteer shirts & pins and door prizes at the drawings for the Volunteers in the Volunteer Room, usually after shift changes.

Our register fills up rapidly and Mark has to visit us numerous times to clear out all the excess.

Mona, from the Beaumont Volunteers, helps out at our table. The 2011 Texas State H.O.G. Rally will be in Beaumont Texas next year and they were on hand to see what they were in for..

Ouside is Sgt Dotson's Police Motorcycle. I believe this is a 2010 Harley Road King..

Outside opf the MPEC building, the area is filling up with Harley's of every model..

Some park their bikes out front and others find shade to park them under.

Mike and one of his buddies stop and say hi.

Lots of folks coming & going during the registration time. In addition to the MPEC building, Red River Harley Davidson had several things going there also. For more on Red River Harley Davidson, see this link:

At the first table inside MPEC, the information table, stood our Red River H.O.G. Chapter #1757 Assistant Director, Leland. He and several other volunteers saw to it that everyone was sent to the proper area to register as well as answering a million and one different questions

Our good friends, Johnny & Leeann, arrive to pick up their packets from the pre-registration table.

Jane takes a quick break from signing up folks or renewing folks with H.O.G. National, as registration slows down a bit.

Meet Nipty and Raisa. They come to the Rally all the way from Australia. They are members of the South Australia H.O.G. Chapter

Another picture of our Australian friends, Nipty and Raisa

My wife, Janice, stops by and to see how things are going and to see if I need anything.

Michelle poses while her mom, Lori works. That's ok with Lori though.I am trying to hook Michelle up with my nephew Paul..

My good friends and fellow volunteers, Charlie and Brenda, take a break in the Volunteer room. They were working at various areas during the Rally

Here I am giving directions to some visitors and fellow Rally attendee's. I met a bunch of great folks while working that registration desk. I had a great time.

Registration closed at 5 p.m. on Thursday and then everyone headed out to Red River Harley Davidson for the opening ceremonies that were scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m. Here are just some of the bikes that were there when we arrived. The place was PACKED!!!

Riders were still coming in and looking for parking spaces. The entire motorcycle parking area in fron and on both sides of the dealership were full...I didn't even attempt to go inside..

As I started wandering around, I see some of my most favorite people and friends on the planet. Here are Tim, Ted, Inez and Vickie. Tim & Vickie rode down from Ft. Collins Colorado. Vickie is Ted & Inez's daughter. Most of you regular viewers know that I always take extra pics of Ted when we are on a run and then send them up to Vickie, so she can keep track of him. I also get extra pics of Inez, when she is with him.

Here are Darrell, City of Wichita Falls Texas Mayor and all around good guy, Glenn Barham and a friend that was visiting with them. The Mayor gave the official welcome, to the visitors, to Wichita Falls and kicked off the Rally!!!

I then noticed, in the sea of humanity, some more good friends, Jim & Tammy, here in the gray shirts. Jim owns and operates Jim's Bike Detail Shop located at 1001 Holliday St here in Wichita Falls Texas. If you're in the area, stop in and say hi. He provides many services for motorcycles and stays pretty busy.. Jim is the one who sold me my Harley. He also sells bikes on consignment.

Here are Jim, Lt. Collier (WFPD) and Tammy. Jim has detailed Lt. Collier's Harley in the past. Also, Lt. Collier is the Vice President of the Blue Knights TX XX LE MC located here in North Texas. For more info on the Blue Knights TX XX, see this link:

Then, "The Bearded One" arrives. This fellow Blue Knight TX XX member and former co-worker of 28 years, is a trip! Meet Doug.. He rides that blue Harley Ultra behind him

This is Doug & Kevin. I love these two guys.. Both are hilarious in totally different ways. Both are also fellow PGR members

Here are Deborah & Kevin.. Extreme heat and Deborah don't mix and it's been extreme here lately and she hasn't been on too many rides. It was great to see her again.

I walk back over to Ted, Inez, Tim and Vickie and talk for a while before heading out. There was a Thunderstorm moving in from the West and I wanted to get home before it hit. The Weather folks were saying it would be here within an hour. This was at, like 7 p.m. I left and it didn't get here until a little after 10 p.m. That figures.. Anyway, here are Vickie & me.

Another of Vickie & me..

Ted and Inez are having a good time. They believed the weather reports and left shortly after I did..

Looking back at the West side of the Dealership. They were using the loading dock for the stage and music

Tim and Vickie get up and start to walk around and check things out.

The wind was still coming from out of the South but would soon shift to out of the West when the storm got close.

As I walked to my bike, riders were still arriving.. This will conclude this post.
I had a great time today working the registration table and meeting all the great folks from all over the States, Australia and Europe. I looked forward to tomorrow, as I volunteered to work Registration the entire Rally. Cya tomorrow!!
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  1. what a great time!!! wish i could have made it. thanks for sharing it with us john. oh btw, tell janice, i have scentsy at home too, i love it.

  2. MQ01, Will do..I like the smell of that stuff too.. I am almost done with the day 2 of the Rally. I have to get it knocked out pretty soon, because I am nine posts behind, not counting DAY 3...almost burned out on the long posts...Ride Safe and will get caught up soon...

  3. Hey John, an interesting read with good photos of good people. I look forward to reading about the rest of the rally.