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2010 TEXAS STATE H.O.G. RALLY DAY 2 9-3-10

Friday, 9-3-10 was Day 2 of the Texas State H.O.G. Rally being held here in Wichita Falls Texas. Scroll down and join us for this event and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE.

I arrived to find some fellow volunteers already at the MPEC Building. Here are Lori and A.J.

I park the bike and go stand for a picture before heading inside to the Registration table.

We go into the volunteer room to check in with LeRoy, who is in charge of keeping the times for the volunteers and numerous other responsibilities. Here are A.J., LeRoy and me.

The hard working volunteers of the Pre Registration table

Me and Randall, a friend, fellow H.O.G member and rider.

This is Leland and Debbie. Leland is our Red River H.O.G Chapter's Assistant Director.

The doors open and the riders come in to register and pick up thier pre registration packets.

Lori kept us supplied in goodie bags at the on-site registration table

This is Barbara (Pattie's Mom) and Pattie. Pattie came down from South Dakota to attend the Texas State H.O.G. Rally.

Robbie was in a great mood today. She was the volunteer that worked the Wii booth all during the Rally.

Yolanda & Ector arrive and register for the Rally.

Lori jokes with us a minute before going back to the pre registration table

Jane is in an exceptionally good mood today as we prepare to tackle today's on-site registration

Sherrie brings us some goodie bags from the pre registration table to give to our on site registration folks. we did until we ran out.

Amy gets picked on by Terri as they pass by our table.

Amy & Terri check out the packet to see what was in it.

This is Ron. I had to get a picture of him and his vest!

Greg, Valerie and Darrell are having a good time even as busy as they were

Helen and Mark look up some info on the computer

Donna, David and Mark at the On-Site Registration table.

The Pre-Registration table at work..

Folks signing up for a chance to win the free Harley 1200 Custom and a free buffet at the Kiowa Casino.

The Pre-Registration table as seen from our table.

Janis helps some riders fill out the ride waiver.

The Pre-Registration Volunteers

Director of the Red River Chapter of H.O.G. and all around Mr. Nice guy, Greg.

I get relieved to go outside and take some pictures. As I head out, I see Debbie by the registration door. She was directing riders where to go to register.

I also see LeLand and Joe sitting at the table..

The street in front of MPEC is filling up with bikes

Looking down the street in front of MPEC to the East

The City Buses even advertise Harley Davidson's

The Kay Yeager Coliseum

Some of the bikes out front of the MPEC and Coliseum

some of the riders heading to the Ride staging areas

Dennis is in a great mood and ready to ride!!

This is the West Ride staging area

This is the East Ride staging area

A couple more riders looking for their staging area

Robert, assistant Ride Captain, holds out the Italian Flag, which denotes the South Ride staging area

This is the North Ride staging area and Keith, in the red shirt, is today's Ride Captain

Keith is ready to head out..

Wichita County Sheriff Department, Capt. Mike Hopper stops by and says hi. Mike is a long time friend

This rider stops and signlals "now what" with his gestures. We get him squared away and he he rides off to the West staging area..

Since they are using the Southwest Oklahoma H.O.G. Chapter flag as a mud flap, I would say that someone is not too happy with them at the moment..

The mud flap flag.. The story we are told is that the Southwest Oklahoma H.O.G. Chapter out of Lawton Oklahoma, was not supporting the Texas State H.O.G. Rally, for what ever reason, and told their members that if they went to the Rally, they could not attend as Southwest Oklahoma Chapter members. WTF is up with that? So, several members quit and came down and joined the Red River Chapter of H.O.G, here in Wichita Falls Texas. Thus, the flag being used as it is...

The Oklahoma bikes and their former Chapter flag..

The Oklahoma bikes at the Texas State H.O.G. Rally

Robert M. & Jim down at the West Ride Staging area..

This bike belongs to Keith

The riders and their bikes South of the Coliseum

As one of the riders gets into line at the North ride, he waves as he rides by..

The area around MPEC and the Coliseum were barricaded off to prevent cars & trucks from entering and causing a possible accident with a motorcycle..

This is Kim on her trike conversion bike.

This is our friend John. He rode up from the DFW area to attend the Rally.

This is Tracy on her Harley. She works with Dr. May, who was my surgeon on my gastric bypass surgery.

Everybodywas getting their picture taken. Some in groups, others as couples or yet otheers getting their picture taken by themselves.

I think this is Matt & Barbara by their Harley

This is the North Ride getting formed up

The North Ride is Formed up and ready to go..

Royce is busy going from place to place, room to room and ride staging area to ride staging area

Russ & Jim talk as Brian and John wait..for the South Ride to start.

The South Ride is formed up and ready.

Jim heads out to the other Ride locations to make sure everyone gets the safety briefiing

Russ checks his GPS for any last minute corrections..

Russ looks up and sees me. He and I had ridden the South Ride the other day. It was scenic and a good ride.

This was the staging area for the West Ride.

The East Ride was formed and ready to go.

Greg and Royce talk before the West Ride departs.

Tammy and Jim at the West Ride gate

Greg seemed to be every where at once. I know he and the other Red River H.O.G. Chapter officers worked HARD and LONG to make this a successful event!

Enjoying the shade...

Jim, the Safety Officer for the RedRiver Chapter of H.O.G. and for this Rally

The West Ride Riders line up

The EAST Ride riders get lined up

The South Ride folks. Robert and Linda strike up a pose..

Linda is all smiles and ready toouth Ride. Russ is the Ride Captain on this ride.

The South Ride bikes and Riders

The North Ride Flag is the Canadian flag...go figure...

The South Ride riders get briefed by Russ prior to starting out on the longest of the four rides. I think this one was about 230 miles.

A rider pulls in to line up for the North ride

The riders get ready for the North Ride

The bikes line up for the North ride

I had to get a picture of that riders "Ponytails" helmet... LOL

The MPEC Building, Wichita Falls Texas

Some of the bikes waiting for the North Ride to begin

A long time friend drops by. This is Wichita County Sheriff David Duke.

The North Ride heads out..

The North Ride heads out

The West Rides heads out..

The West Rides heads out...

The East Ride Heading out

The EAST ride heading out

enjoying the shade and breeze

Riders riding out to catch up with the tour rides.

Riders passing in front of the Kay Yeager Coliseum

The Kay Yeager Coliseum where the Lonestar Concert would be held tomorrow night.

The bikes and riders down the street to the East of MPEC

Looking back at the MPEC and Kay Yeager Coliseum

Shade was at a premium and those who found it were lucky.

more riders arriving at the MPEC

A line of riders arrive at MPEC

Riders arriving and leaving the MPEC area

The riders were coming and going all morning and afternoon

The Bikes out front of the MPEC and Kay Yeager Colisieum

The line of bikes in front of MPEC to the East and some of the bikers gathering there.

The entrance to the MPEC building

The Information Table looks busy

Joe is busy at the information table. Joe is one of our North Texas PGR Ride Captains

Tim was walking thru the hallway and I stop him to say Hi

Greg brings in the flags from the Four Point Rides.

Me and Dee. Dee runs the MPEC for the City of Wichita Falls and the Rally had her running all over...

Tim & I. Tim and his wife, Vickie, rode down from Ft. Collins Colorado to attend the Rally.

Tex arrives to register. Tex is another one of our North Texas PGR Ride Captains.

Donna "bands" another rider as I look on.

Donna & I get another rider registered for the Rally

Janis makes sure the ride waivers are filled out by everyone.

The on-site registration table at work

Helen gets the camera and takes a picture of Donna and I hard at work getting folks registered

Leroy takes a break. He keeps busy by keeping track of the volunteers.

The Pre-Registration table at work

Mike comes by as Mark removes excess cash from the register..

Jimmy arrives to register. Jimmy is a disabled Iraq War Vet. He and I were in the same unit many years ago. He is a Master Sergeant now

Greg and Chris talk with some of the folks in the registration room

Nubbin, another good friend, makes it in to register for the Rally

Pattie is all smiles today.

This is Moe and some of her and Dennis's kids

This is Ted Jr. His dad is working the rally as a Volunteer

This is Kim. She was working the On-Site Registration table. Kim is also the secretary for the Red River Chapter of H.O.G.

Charles and Gloria make it to pick up their packets.

This is Donna working at the On-Site Registration table

This is Randy and Cindy. They rode down from Michigan to attend the Rally

Valerie, Greg and WFPD Sgt. L. Wright take a break out in the hallway

Chris & Leroy's wife hand out the tickets to the volunteers for the volunteer door prize drawings.

A couple of volunteers from the Longhorn Chapter of H.O.G. out of Grand Prairie Texas check in

Ted back in the Volunteer Room

Leland and Debbie in the Volunteer Room

Ted & Joe back in the Volunteer Room.

Joe takes a break back in the Volunteer Room

Greg chats with WFPD Sgt's Sheehan and Wright.

A member of the Blue Knights TX VIII signs in..

Helen is having a great time.

Jane shows off the t-shirt she got for her grandaughter

Barbara is down visiting with Pattie

me and Robbie at the registration table.

Steve has his packet and is ready to go enjoy the festivities.

Robbie gets ready to go back and standby the Wii booth. She hopes more will play the Wii instead of watching her do it.

Niki and Leslie out in the hallway

One of the show bikes in the Harley Room

One of the show bikes in the Harley room

The info sheet on the show bike

One of the show bikes in the Harley room

One of the show bikes in the Harley room

One of the show bikes in the Harley Room

One of the show bikes in the Harley Room

A show bike in the Harley Room

The info sheet on the show bike

One of the show bikes in the Harley Room

One of the show bikes in the Harley Room

One of the show bikes in the Harley Room

One of the show bikes in the Harley Room

One of the show bikes in the Harley Room

Barbara gets a hug from Doug

Yolanda and Ector make it to MPEC. They are long time friends of ours.

Brad returns from the East Ride which he was the Ride Captain of.

Jane gets ready to sign some riders up for a H.O.G. membership.

Chris signs the volunteers in

Another hard working volunteer, Doug.

Jeanann & Gary. Gary is one of our North Texas PGR Ride Captains.

Flip and a friend stop by and say hi

The bikes out front of MPEC. Most have been ridden away to various places until the Kiowa Casino Run tonight.

Greg and Darrell in the the golf cart ride around and collect banners.

Mike & Debi at MPEC

Mike has had a good time today..

Debi is all smiles

As day 2 at the MPEC winds down, riders sit around and visit and wait for tonight's Kiowa Casino Run.

WFPD Sgt's Sheehan and Wright sit down and take a breather

Jeanann & Gary take a break and visit for awhile. This will conclude Day 2. I enjoyed working the registration table and seeing a bunch of folks I haven't seen in a while and making new friends

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Please continue to pray for all of our troops, both in and out of Harm's way. Also, please pray for Che Whitaker who is just starting his tour in the Afghanistan Theatr
Until next post, ya'll be careful out there, keep the rubber on the road, your head on a swivel, and most imprtant of all............................RIDE SAFE.....................JOHN

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