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Wednesday, 7-14-10, the Blue Knights TX XX had a Chapter ride up to Medicine Park Oklahoma, with a stop at Chaps My Ass, a Biker Apparel & Accessories Shop, Meer's Restaurant & a cruise up Mount Scott to take in the view before heading back to Texas. On today's ride were, Bobby, Christina, Mark (Sgt At Arms) and me (President). On weekday's we usually have 4-10 members riding due to most of our members are still working. Scroll on down and check out today's ride. REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE.

I arrive at the staging point, the parking lot of the El Mejicano Restaurant, at I-44 & Missile Rd., in Wichita Falls Texas. Here is Mark, the Sgt At Arms, for our chapter of the Blue Knights TX XX

Bobby arrives shortly after I did. The heat index today for our area of North Texas & Southern Oklahoma was to be between 110-115 degrees

Here I am sitting on my bike and leaning back against a cooler filled with bottled water & ice. With today's heat index, I did not want any of our riders to get over heated. I also had dropped two of those neck wraps that swell when when cold water hits them. Better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.

Mark had picked up some of these compressed towels that swell when you add water to them. They are about the size of a Lima bean only a little thicker. When the water gets to them, they open up to a size of a good wash rag. He said he got a pack of 350 at Harbor Freight for about $3.49. Of course, when I first saw them a while back, I went down to Harbor Freight and they were out of them and are still out of them. Here is Bobby applying the water..

Mark on the left and Bobby on the right, as we wait a little longer to see if anyone else was riding with us.

Mark had gone down to Temple Texas to the Horny Toad Harley Davidson Dealership and bought the pin which is a Horny Toad with wings. Mark is trying to get Red River Harley Davidson here in Wichita Falls to get a similar pin only with an Armadillo with wings, as Red River Harley has t-shirts with the Armadillo's on them. For more on Horny Toad Harley Davidson see this link: and check out Red River Harley Davidson at:

One of Bobby's birthday presents was this new horn cover.

Bobby's backrest support has the TCU (Texas Christian University) Horned Frog logo. Bobby is a supporter of TCU.. GO FROGS!!

Mark was showing us his new tank bag, seen here....

Mark & Bobby at Bobby's bike. Bobby's bike is a Harley Davidson Street Glide. Mark's bike is a Harley Davidson Ultra Classic and I ride a Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic.

Mark at his Harley Ultra Classic

me & my bike

Christina arrives and we will leave soon. Christian rides a Harley Davidson V-Rod and her husband, Joe, sold his V-Rod and now rides an Ultra Classic like Mark's

Christina on her bike..

me, Bobby and Christina at the El Mejicano parking lot

Mark, Bobby & Christina as we get ready to leave..

me, Bobby & Mark right before we left out and headed North on I-44

We head to the bikes to get ready to leave. Here is Bobby (standing) and Mark on his bike.

We head out North on I-44. Up front, it is Christina leading, Bobby is the #2 slot, I am #3 and mark is bring up the rear. I was going to get some pics of Christina, Bobby & Mark as they were riding down the Interstate and then I would take over as lead bike as Christina doesn't like to be lead bike

Here is Bobby on North Bound I-44. I-44 starts in St. Louis Missouri and ends in Wichita Falls Texas

Here is Christina North Bound on I-44

Here is Mark, bringing up the rear

Here is Mark, Northbound on I-44

Here we are, in traffic as we near Burkburnett Texas and the Red River. When we cross the Red River Bridge, we'll be in Oklahoma

I constantly check the rear views to make sure everyone behind me is still rolling and ok. Here is the mirror shot. Mark is last bike, then Bobby and Christina is the bike right behind me in the mirror..

This is the Red River. It was almost at flood stage a few days ago, but has dropped considerably

We swing East of Randlett Oklahoma and then head north on business US 281/277, to bypass the toll road ahead on I-44

Still looking good behind me on US287/277

The bronze domed buildings are the Geronimo High School in Geronimo Oklahoma

We are getting near Medicine Park, Oklahoma

The Medicine Park Oklahoma City Limits sign.. For more info on Medicine Park, Oklahoma, see this link:

We made to our primary destination, Chaps My Ass. Here is Christina about to enter and check things out.

We park he bikes in front of Chaps My Ass, Here are Bobby & Mark, putting their gear up. Christina was already in side.

Christina comes back out for a minute. Here are Christina, Bobby & Mark and our bikes

Here is Mark heading inside to check out all the stuff inside Chaps My Ass. If you want something biker related and they don't have it, they can more than likely get it for you. For more on Chaps My Ass, see this link:

The bikes, from closest to farthest: my Heritage, Christina's V-rod, Bobby's Street Glad and Marks Ultra Classic

Inside Chaps My Ass, is my favorite sales person and hardest working gal there today. Here are Christina, Janelle and me.

They had this bandanna/do rag back where the helmets, patches and stickers area. It had a pink mohawk attached to it. If you touched it, you had to put it on. Mark touched it and they made him put it on. He is holding onto the price tag. Makes ya a cutie pie, there Mark!!

Mark gets a pic of me wearing that thing. They had several different colors n these things. I can just see Robbie or debbie wearing one of these things. Robbie cause she has pink leathers and Debbie B

Not only was Janelle doing stock work & rearranging things, she was also filling in as cashier. She is one hard working person!

We leave Chaps My Ass and head to the bikes to get ready to head to our next destination, the Meers Restaurant. I did not do much on this post about Chaps My Ass becasuse when I finish this post, I am doing a seperate post on Chaps My Ass.

As we head to Meers, we will pass by our 3rd destination, Mount Scott, seen here in front of us.

We get to Meers and park the bikes. Here is Christina talking to Mark & Bobby as they secure their gear before heading across the street to the Meers Restaurant

Here is Christina's V-Rod. She was more at ease parallel parking it than backing it down the gravel slope that we parked ours on.

The bikes as seen from the entrance to the Meer's Restaurant.

Here are Bobby, Christina & Mark heading into Meer's.

Entering Meer's Restaurant

Here is Mark inside Meer's. It was lunch time and the restaurant was packed with troops from Ft. Sill. I talked to the commander, Lt. Col Hindley and one of the Sgt Major's with him. I introduced myself and also told them I was PGR and thanked them & their troops for their duty, service, sacrifice and dedication to the United States and for doing their part in securing our freedom. They were all beaming when the left Meers.

As we waited for our food to be delivered, we did what retired cops & active cops do when together..tell war stories.. Here is Christina telling a good one as Bobby listens in.

Bobby in the Meers Restaurant, Meers Oklahoma

While at the table, these two gentlemen came over and introduced themselves. Left to right: Chief Deputy Major. Ray Pyeatt Commanche County Sheriff's Department, me and Sheriff Kenny Stradley, Commanche County Sheriff's Department. Bobby knew Sheriff Stradley from working with him back in the days. For more on the Commanche County Sheriff's Department, see this link:

Ray is also a member of Blue Knights Okla IV. When Russ & I rode up to Duncan Oklahoma last year to visit a Blue Knights OK IV monthly meeting, we met Ray. It was his Chapter that gave us the idea to have our Chapter meetings on the 15th of every month at a differnet restaurant. That sure boosted our attendance. They have their's on the 10th of every month and alternate between the cities of Lawton Okla & Duncan Okla

This is Johnnie Drewery. He was sitting at the table, that the Colonel had departed, behind us. He is with the Grady County Sheriff's Department. see this link: Two of the ladies at his table were from Columbia South Carolina. They even knew about my favorite BBQ restaurant on the planet Earth, Sikes BBQ, on the highway between Columbia and McEntire ANG Base, where I had been TDY to back in 1973.We assisted the ANG with running the Air Traffic into and out of the area. It may surprise some of you that ol dumb John here, was an air traffic controller for 8 years before giving it up to pursue my dream and following a family tradition of being a cop.( SIKES BBQ is still there). Now I am retired and my son, Matt, is a police officer and they gave him my badge & number that I wore for 28 years.. How kewl is that? Bobby'has two sons, one is a Dallas Texas police officer and his other son is a police officer and works at the WFPD with my son..

Another picture of Ray. It was great seeing you again and we appeciate what you do in keeping the citizen's of Oklahoma safe day & night. Like the Military, fire department folks, and other police agencies: city, county state & federal, you do a job that millions of others wouldn't do and are a true American hero. Thanks for your service!

Ray, Me and Sheriff Stradley. The same goes for you Kenny and for the countless other Sheriff's, police Chiefs, Fire Department Chiefs, and the Commanders of all the troops, in all the branches of service. You have the addition duty of keep the wheels running smoothly and as a former enlisted troop and street officer, you may be taken for granted by those under your supervision and charge. I know I caused my supervisers major headaches when I was serving, both military and police, and I also know, that from being a FTO in the PD, a FIST Sgt in charge of my FIST team (Army) and as a trainer for new air traffic controllers (USAF) I know a little of what you all go thru. The job of supervisor isn't always as easy as it looks. Thank you for being a true American Hero, Sheriff. We appreciate your service. It would seem that today was hero day at the Meers Restaurant, with all the troops, Johnnie, Ray, Sheriff Stradley and Christina, who is an active WFPD officer and the retired heroes, Mark & Bobby and all those others there that we did not know....

We ger ready to leave Meers Restaurant and hang out on the side porch and talk. For more on the legendary Meers Restaurant, see this link:

Christina out on the side porch. They also had cages for your animals, so they wouldn't be left in hot cars. The first cage had this good looking and friendly cow-dog. I think the correct term is Australian Shepherd, but I may be wrong.. This one had one blue and one gray eye..

Mark & Bobby on the side porch of the Meers Restaurant.

Mark, Bobby & Christina. Only four of us made this ride today but we had a great time!

me & Bobby. We were in the same police academy together back in 1977. Doesn't seem like 33 years ago. Time sure goes by quick. My advice to the young folks, enjoy your life to the fullest because oneday before you know it, you will be older and retired and standing there thinking "what the hell happened? Where did the time go?" And you can't go back and change things.. Try to get it right the first time. And get right & stay right with God..One day we all will meet him. And I sure want to see Him smiling at me rather than looking sad just before He makes me a flaming ember, for eternity.

Looking good behind me as we head out to Mount Scott and the summit. Behind me are Christina (closest), then Bobby and Mark.

Some of the scenery off to our left as we down the road.

Leaving the Meers Oklahoma area, as we head East down Ok49 to Mount Scott. We are in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, where it is open range. You have to be careful going around the curves because there may be a buffalo, a herd of buffalo or Texas Longhorn cattle, crossing or standing in the roadway. For more info see this link:

Mount Scott ahead & to the left. for more on Mount Scott, see this link:

We close in on our destination, Mount Scott in the Wichita Mountains, Oklahoma

Christina wanted to lead us up the mountain, so here she is, out front, as up we go..

Up, up, up, we climbed.. hmmm that sounds familiar. But for us to be able to reach out and touch the face of GOD, He was gonna have to bend way over because Mount Scott doesn't go quite as high as "where never lark or even eagle flew".. here is Christina up front. She can really ride that Harley and it corners well. (see the High Flight poem at this link:

This is Bobby looking out over the area from the Summit of Mount Scott. Bobby is not doing what it appears he's doing. That is a road way down below and not Bobby peeing. I about fell outta the chair when I did a double take of this pic. as they say, I was ROFLMAO...

Mark looking out over the area. He told me he was contemplating on seeing if he could fly. Be careful Mark, it's not the fall that gets ya. It's the sudden stop at the bottom is what gets ya.

me atop of Mount Scott Oklahoma

Mark & his bike on Mount Scott

Bobby on his bike and Mark. That's Christina's bike and my bike next to Bobby's.

Mark on Mount Scott. The wind & cooler temps felt good up there on the summit.

Bobby on Mount Scott.

Bobby, Christina and Mark on Mount Scott

Mark, Bobby and me on Mount Scott

Mark, Bobby and Christina on Mount Scott

Christina up on Mount Scott. Behind her and down below in Lake Lawtonka..

Bobby, Mark, Christina and me up on Mount Scott

another view of Bobby, Mark, Christina and me on Mount Scott. Behind Bobby is the "look out point" stand on top of Mount Scott.

Christina wanted to get some pics of our back patch. here is Bobby, me (back patch) and Mark.

Here is Mark, Bobby (backpatch) and me.

Mark (backpatch) me & bobby. I have the old fuzzy style back patch and the new patches that Mark & Bobby have are done in Patch like material and come with the LE/MC patches.

Mark, me and Bobby talking up on Mount Scott

Bobby, Mark, Christina & me on Mount Scott.

Bobby & Mark on Mount Scott discussing if astroprojection is really a possibilty...

Using my other camera, we have this pick taken of the four of us: Bobby, Mark, Christina and me..

This is Debi, who was kind enough to take our picture. I took her picture & told her it would be on our blog.

Actually I took two pictures of Debi. One from a different angle to get in the scenery. Thanks again Debi, for taking the pictures for us.

We start back down Mout Scott and these are the Wichita Mountains as they stretch out to the West

If you click on the pic, you can see Mark way out in front of me. I was busy taking pictures and I always tell my fellow riders than if I ride off the side of the mountain, don't worry about me cause I would more that likely be dead, but to find the camera because I will be clicking that shutter all the way down and those pictures would be way too kewl!!

I put the camera up and cranked the power up and hauled butt until I caught up with Mark. Here he is as we continue down Mount Scott.

Another pic of Mark as we continue down to the base of Mount Scott.

We get to the bottom of Mount Scott and turn East on Ok49 and head to the Love's Gas Station by I-44 to gas up. The view behind is Christina, Bobby & Mark

Apparently, I hit my zoom by mistake as I held the camera up and shot back ober my right shoulder. But the pic of Christina came out great, considering when I shot over either shoulder, I can't see the picute or tyhe framing or anything because I am facing forward. But I have 3 years of experience and too many rides to count to get it down. I think this is a great shot, myself.

The view to our right as we make the final curve that will take us to the Love's Gas station and I-44.

The view behind. Charistina, Bobby & Mark.

Christina gassing up

Bobby gassing up.

Mark gassing up..

We leave Love's and get established Southbound on I-44. (We are heading South but we are actually on I-44 West)

This is a thing they house chat & sand & stuff under. My son in law, Matt D, calls it the "Nipple Building)

This is a house they are building in Oklahoma on US281/277

Christina as we head for Texas and home. It was a little warm. Our outside temp guage when I got home a 5 p.m. sai 102 degrees.

The rearview shot as we continue to Texas

Christina, Bobby and Mark, as we cross the Red River Bridge as we head to Texas

a nice comfortable speed

Our welcome home signs.....

Bobby shoots out ahead and takes the next exit as he lives here. Thanks for coming today Bobby. We enoyed riding with you and seeing you again

Christina in front of me as Mark moves to the right lane for his exit. He will take US 287 home. Thanks for coming today Mark. We enjoyed riding with you and seeing you again.
This will conclude this post. I enjoyed riding with Christina, Mark & Bobby and look forward to our next ride.
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Continue to pray for our troops both in and out of harm's way. And please pray for our good friend Sissy, who is battling cancer. God still answes prayers.
Until next post, be careful out there, keep your head on a swivel, keep the rubber on the road, and most importantly...............RIDE SAFE ......................JOHN

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