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Saturday, 8-21-10, the American Eagle Harley Davidson Dealership In Denton Texas, hosted a American Eagle H.O.G. Chapter Meet & Greet. Members of the Red River H.O.G Chapter sponsored by Red River Harley Davidson Dealership in Wichita Falls Texas, attended the Meet & Greet. Scroll down and join us as we ride down to Denton Texas for this event and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE.

We met at Red River Harley Davidson at 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning, had briefing at 8:25 a.m., and went KSU at 8:30 a.m. Here are some of the member bikes at Red River Harley Davidson. For more info on Red River Harley Davidson, see this link:

Some of the other bikes heading down to Denton Texas. I saw that these bikes had Oklahoma tags. The owners, previous members of the Southwest Oklahoma Chapter of H.O.G, told us that the SW OK Chapter of HOG was not going to support the 2010 Texas State HOG Rally next month here in Wichita Falls Texas. They also said that they were told by the powers that be, that they could not attend as SW OK HOG members. So, being the standup guys that they are, they quit the SW OK Chapter of HOG and came down to Wichita Falls Texas and joined our Chapter, the Red River Chapter of HOG. They now fly their SW OK HOG Chapter flag upside down. (see picture down a couple spaces)

This is Randall, a good friend and fellow member of the Red River Chapter of H.O.G. For those of you who don't know what H.O.G. stands for, it stands for Harley Owners Group.

This is Russ, Steve and Keith. Steve & Keith are former SW OK HOG members.

This is Keith and Chuck. Chuck is, also, a former SW OK HOG member.

This is Keith & Steve and Steve is showing me the upside down SW OK HOG Chapter flag. I can't believe the Southwest Oklahoma Chapter of H.O.G. is not going to support the Texas State HOG Rally. for more on the Southwest Oklahoma H.O.G Chapter, see this link: (Steve, I went back to the overpass and could not find your HD cap. I rode up and down the median looking for it. Sorry... )

This is Tim and Brenda. They are members of the Red River Chapter of H.O.G. For more info on our H.O.G. Chapter (Red River Chapter), see this link:

This is Tim and Leroy.

Tim and Leroy in the parking lot of Red River Harley Davidson, located at US287/City View Drive, Wichita Falls Texas

Gary and Jean Ann arrive. Gary is a Ride Captain with the North Texas PGR. (Patriot Guard Riders). For more info on the PGR, see this link:

Gary & Jean Ann and their Harley. Their Harley is one of the area's most photographed Harley's due to it's patriotic paint job and artwork.

This is Dennis. It would appear that he and his wife, Moe, have added another passenger. Seems like Keith, Randall and Steve are getting a kick out of it.

Moe comes over and helps Dennis straighten out the new passenger by tightening up its belt.

The belt is secure now so the passenger hog shouldn't fall off of the hog.

Welcome to Red River Harley Davidson!! In sunny & hot Wichita Falls Texas!!

The Harley Davidson shield and bar logo, out front

Russ and his Harley, "The Iceman", parked in front of the new Pegasus out front.

The Iceman meets Pegasus.. Russ calls his Harley, The Iceman, because the paint job on his Harley is called black ice. The top half of the Harley stays black and the bottom half changes from purple to blue, depending on how the light hits it. It really is a beautiful bike..

The paint scheme on Pegasus, is pretty innovative also.

Toward the rear of the horse. The horse is lit up at night also

Looking back at the riders that have arrived so far..

Russ parks his bike and the bottom half is that blue metal flake. Russ's bike is a 2010 Limited Special Edition Harley Ultra Classic. It has all the bells & whistles on it too.

The wind is blowing pretty good out of the West.

Russ gets everyone together for the pre-departure briefing. Leland is mounted up and ready. We will depart Red River Harley Davidson and head down to Nocona Texas, where we will meet up with Brad, a H.O.G. Ride Captain, and he will lead us to the American Eagle Harley Davidson Dealership via back roads for the HOG Meet and Greet.

We leave Red River Harley Davidson and head South on US287

We approach the US287/I-44 merger by Maurine St.

Leaving I-44 behind us, we are now back on US287 Southbound. Patterson's Auto Center is off to our right. (

The view behind as we leave Downtown Wichita Falls behind us

We get off of US287 and go East on US82. Here we are coming into Henrietta Texas

The view behind on US82 as we enter Henrietta Texas

We travel the next 25 miles or so and arrive at the DQ in Nocona Texas. Here is Dennis putting his gear up

Our bikes at the DQ in Henrietta Texas. For those of you in places that don't have DQ's, it stands for Dairy Queen and it's an ice cream business primarily and they also serve food. (

The DQ sign

Greg was Ride Captain to this point. Brad would take over from here and take us thru the back roads to Denton Texas and to the American Eagle Harley Davidson Dealership. Here Greg orders up a cold drink..

me & Greg at the DQ in Nocona Texas. Our friendship goes back 31 years.

The bikes in Nocona Texas

This is Vanson. He was at the DQ with his folks and wanted to sit on a bike. Vanson is no stranger to bikes, his dad has a Harley too.

At first, Leland wouldn't let me take his pic. So I took a picture of the back top of his vest.

The front of Gary F's Harley

Russ calls us together for Brad's briefing.

This is Darrell and Randall. Dennis is walking our way.

Brad gives the briefing as far as how things will go from here to Denton. Brad is a Ride Captain for H.O.G. and will lead the East Ride in the upcoming 2010 Texas State H.O.G. Rally to be held in Wichita Falls Texas from Set 2-5, 2010.

After bothering Leland, he finally gives in and gives me the go ahead to take a picture. Thanks Leland..YOU DA MAN!

We form up and head out of Nocona Texas

The mirror shot as we leave Nocona Texas. That's Gary behind me

Another rear view as we head out of Nocona Texas

We cruise the back roads at a comfortable 65 mph

A nice scenic ride. You have to pay attention as to what you're doing. One slip and you go off the edge and down you go..

Our formation is long

Up and over another small rise..

Some folks don't wear eye protection. I do and this is why. That grasshopper hit my right sunglass lens head on. If I didn't have my shades on, I would have been missing one eyeball.

I had grasshooper guts on my sunglasses, cheek, eyebrow and right ear. Yep, the first thing I did, was get my trusty camera and get a picture as we continued riding down the road. At 65 mph, that thing nearly took my head off..

We stop for a break in Krum Texas and Moe comes over. She got smacked by one of those "clear liquid bugs" in her right lens also. I say clear liquid bugs because ya'll know, when bugs hit, there are either, red guts, yellow guts, red & yellow guts, green guts or clear liquid guts.. lol

Moe takes one more pic of my sunglasses before I clean them off. I had already wiped my cheek of and got most of it out of my ear.

We stop at the corner store in Krum Texas called Johnny Joe's. Right across the street you can see the "OUTLAW DINER", which is a road trip in the near future.

if you click on this picture, you'll see why the ACLU wouldn't last 5 seconds here. They would be stupid to try any of their crap in this little Texas town where they put "ONE NATION UNDER GOD" on their buildings.. God Bless Krum Texas!!

While inside Johnny Joe's cooling off, Greg has everybody's attention with a story...

Russ and Brad listen to Greg as Leland heads to the cooler for a cold drink and Moe fixes up her sandwich..

This is Moe and Darrell in Johnny Joe's located in Krum Texas

Russ gets a call as we head out to leave Krum Texas on our final leg to Denton Texas

Everyone heads out to the bikes to get ready to leave.

Chuck and his Harley in Krum Texas

Tim and Brenda, in Krum Texas, as we get ready to leave for Denton Texas

Brad renders a salute before leading us onward to Denton..

Als across from Johnny Joe's is the Krum Diner and what we thought was the Lisa Marie's Stockyard Saloon. Checking the web for a link, I found out it is a Salon, not a saloon. Good thing I checked before a bunch of thirty bikers went in there and got a perm instead of a beer...

We all get ready and pull out. Here we are heading out of Krum Texas

Soon, we make to to and get established on I-35W Southbound. The view behind me

You just gotta love the Metroplex traffic going into and out of the DFW area.

The mirror shot f the guys behind me on I-35W Southbound

On I-35W or any interstate highway that runs into a metropolitan area, your best form of defense is safety in numbers. Stay grouped together in your formation and people notice you and give you a wide berth.. I have ridden solo across the U.S. and it is a game to me to get thru the major cities and away from the city traffic without any close calls or worse.

My protection. All the folks on Ultra Classics have CB radios and keep in contact with each other. Russ, who is last in line and our "tail gunner" or "sweep" has radio communication with our leader and keeps him advised of the traffic approaching as well as if any riders pull out of formation with mechanical problems or whatever.

We arrive at American Eagle Harley Davidson and we are greeted by a member of the American Eagle Chapter of H.O.G. folks... gotta love these guys! Gene Simmons would've been jealous of this guy!

This is Shon & Tina. They just got back from Sturgis and are local H.O.G. members

This is Paul, Kim and April. Kim & April were servering up hamburgers, hotdogs, water, beer and other cold drinks

Our group still at the bikes, stowing gear, and getting cameras and stuff.

The American Eagle H.O.G. Chapter Denton County Texas flag

Brad is having a good time down at the American Eagle H.O.G. Meet & Greet in Denton Texas

April & Kim getting me a hamburger. The Hamburgers and hot dogs were by donation as were the drinks. The hamburgers were good. I had two of them!

Lisa and Paul. Lisa was handling the drink orders

at this table is Leland, Chuck and Brad. Moe, Randall, Tim & Brenda

here is Moe talking to Leland and Chuck talking to Brad

Left side: Leland, Chuck and Brad. Right side : Moe and Randall's hat..

Brad, enjoying the food & drink

Greg at the table enjoying a burger

this is Larry and Greg. We were having a good time.

I sit down and immediately notice a bug smear on this guys sunglasses, as I go to clean it for him, he stops me. May I introduce Gary.

Me and Gary. Gary is a retired Los Angeles Fire Department firefighter. In my opinion, an American hero as any..It was nice to meet him.

I walk over to the American Eagle Harley Davidson Dealership and walk in. Lots of bikes!!!

more bikes inside the dealership. for more on this dealership, see this link:

The service area at American Eagle HD

The American Eagle HD Logo on the wall inside the dealership.

The plaque on the floor at the main entrance to the dealership

Brad & Nancy at the American Eagle HD Dealership in Denton Texas. Nancy is Brad's mom, who stopped by to see him. It was nice meeting her.

The US Flag and the HD Logo sign out front. If you are Southbound on I-35w, the dealership in on your right as you go thru denton.

The American Eagle Harley Davidson Dealership

The American Eagle Harley Davidson Dealership in Denton Texas, just off of I-35W Southbound.

Some of the used bikes for sale out front. That blue tent is where the H.O.G. Meet & Greet is taking place

This guy & gal just bought this Harley Road Glide. The salesman is telling him about the goodies on the instrument panel

As I take this picture of Moe & Dennis and Gary, I notice the salesgirl striking a pose.

so, I get the guys and have her pose with them. She is the motorclothes salesperson. From left to right are: Steve, Russ, ASHLE, Brad, Keith, Randall and Gary

Ashle stands with members of the RED RIVER CHAPTER of H.O.G., WICHITA FALLS TEXAS. left to right: Steve, Russ, Ashle, Brad, Keith, Randall and Gary..

Jean Ann & Gary check out. We had to go move our parked bikes because they were in the area where the bike demonstration was to be held.

We get the bikes moved and Dennis parks beside me.

Randall parks his bike across from us and then walks over and waves at the camera

We go back into the Dealership to look around. That 2011 light blue Sportster the guy is looking at is only a little over $8,oo0.

Gary and Jean Ann look at the new Ultra Classics

Brad and Russ discussing the new Harley's with a salesman.

Right before we left, Jean Ann sat on the 2011 Sportster to see how it felt.

This is a 2011, Harley Davidson XL883L. Fits ya real nicxe Jean Ann.

We go back to the bikes and get ready to head home. This is Dennis's bike and he makes these bike covers. If interested in getting one or learning more about them, send me an email and I will get you in touch with Dennis. This is a pretty novel idea!

As we gear up for the return home, with a slight detour to the Braum's Ice Cream place in Decatur Texas, Dennis heads to his bike to take the cover off. No hot black seat for him or Moe..

Gary and Jean Ann pull up as Leroy gets ready to go

We pull out and head North on I-35W. That is Gary & Jean Ann in front of me

We stopped for gas at May Hill/I-35W at the QT station. We leave there and make the US380 exit and head West on US380 toward Decatur Texas

We got seperated from the main group on I-35W when we stopped for gas. As we head West on US380, we hope the group went to Braum's as planned. The view behind me on US380

We arrive at Braum's in Decatur Texas

The other group is there waiting for us and we go inside. Here are some of the bikes at Braum's.

The rest of the bikes at Braum's in Decatur Texas

Tim gets ready to go inside where it's cool

Moe gets to the bike when we finish our break at Braum's in Decatur Texas

We depart Decatur and head North in US287 towards home..

The view behind me as we head North on US287

we continue North up US287..

The last picture from today is when we re-entered Wichita County Texas and home. This will conclude today's post. I had a great time today, riding with my H.O.G. Chapter and meeting new friends. I look forward to our next ride or event whenever it occurs and where ever it takes us.
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Please continue to pray for ALL our troops both in and out of Harm's Way.
Until next post, ya'll be careful out there, keep the rubber on the road, keep your head on a swivel and most important of all..................... RIDE SAFE!.................... JOHN

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