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Saturday, 8-7-10, Project Jody, The PGR and the Order of the Eagles teamed up and put on a Benefit Ride for Manuel Villa. Manuel is a veteran of two tours of Iraq. He was home on leave, got in an accident on I-44 and lost his leg. The Army then released him from duty. The ride was to help the Villa family raise money to buy a plot of land so a home could be built on it by a California company that builds homes, fully equipped for a handicapped person, for free. Scroll down and join us for this Benefit Ride and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE.

The flyer for today's event.

This shirt says it all and I have to find me one just like it..

We all met at RED RIVER HARLEY DAVIDSON at 8:30 a.m. for the ride briefing and registration. This is Bud. He & I would be working stop #3, the DQ (Dairy Queen) in Olney Texas. All the stops on today's ride were at DQ's at various. city's in the area. The ride would start at Red River Harley Davidson then go to the DQ in Holiday Texas for Stop 1. Stop #2 would be the DQ in Seymour Texas. Stop #3 would be at the DQ in Olney Texas and Stop #4 would be in Archer City Texas. The ride would end at the Eagles Lodge on Seymour Highway & Barnett Rd in Wichita Falls Texas

This is Donnie and Mike. Mike is a Ride Captain in the North Texas PGR. For more on the PGR (PATRIOT GUARD RIDERS) or if you are curious about the PGR or want to join us, it's free, check this link:

This is Laura and Amy. Laura is a member of the C.M.A., Chisholm Trail Riders Chapter out of Bowie Texas. I go to Church with Amy and we go to the Broken Chains Freedom Church in Wichita Falls Texas. For more on C.M.A., see this link: . For an article on our Church, see this site:

A line of some of the bikes on today's ride. The bike on the end, red with the skull, is Amy's bike. Today will be the first ride she has ridden with a group.

The three amigo's: Laura, Amy and Katie

This is Jody. She started Project Jody, a Cadence for Life. She takes the basic items ie: shoes, clothes, sugar free candy, reading material etc, up to the Veterans Hospital in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and gives them to the Veterans, men & women. Project Jody has grown into a large operation and several times a year, rides are planned in conjunction with Jody's trips to the hospital and the biking community really comes to her assistance and gives it support to Project Jody.. For more info see this link:

This is Laura, Jody, Amy and Katie..

Folks arrive and start registering for the ride.

This is Jean Ann and Gary registering. The ladies working the table today are Sherrie, Inez and Barbara. Gary is another Ride Captain with the North Texas PGR.

This is Tex and Mike. Both are North Texas PGR Ride Captains.

Some of the riders on today's ride.

The new "Horse" at Red River Harley Davidson. The company "Mane Event" sells these horses as an outdoor advertisement. All the horses are different and all have the business logo's on them with different paint schemes. For more on Red River Harley Davidson, see this link:

This Pegasus horse is pretty cool. The horse has an Eagle painted on the side and the horses wings are the eagles wings.

The Harley Davidson logo sign and the flag. Don't get much more American than that!!

The registration table starts to get busy...Which is good.

This is Jodie, Consuelo & Manuel Villa and Mike. Manuel & Consuelo, were there at the Harley shop this morning and at the Eagles Lodge when we finally got in at about 2:30 p.m.

Another picture of Jodie, Consuelo & Manuel and Mike. Consuelo was kinda overwhelmed at first but was relaxed and appeared to be enjoying herself by this afternoon. In addition to all the bikers from all over today participating in this ride, Sheppard AFB, sent out a large contingent of Airmen to help out today. For more on Sheppard AFB, see this link:

Sherrie, Inez and Barbara welcome all the riders and assist them with registering for the ride.

I asked them to smile, with a "pretty please" attached and they did. Again, this is Sherrie, Inez and Barbara. Barbara is also a North Texas PGR Ride Captain. Inez's husband, Ted, and Sherrie's husband, Joe, are also North Texas PGR Ride Captains.

This is Kirby, Jody's husband. Kirby is a great photographer and he loves his Nikon camera.

Kirby and Ted, laughing at a joke Ted just told us. Ted is a good friend and a hoot to be around. I value Ted and Inez's friendship. They are great folks!

Kirby and Ted are good friends also. Kirby and Jody are a lot of fun to be around too.

This is Amy and Angela. Amy rode in from Archer City Texas and Angela rode in from Windthorst Texas.

As I get ready to head out for Olney and the DQ there, a distance of only around 45 miles or so, South of Wichita Falls Texas, another groups of riders arrive at Red River Harley Davidson to join in on the ride and the fun

Amy's bike. I like that skull. Wonder how something like that would look on my Harley?

Greg and Amy. Greg runs the Riders Edge program at Red River Harley Davidson. See this link:

Getting our packet of tickets and instructions, Bud and I head out for Olney Texas and the DQ there. Here is Bud as we head South on TX79.

As we ride thru Archer City Texas, I get a picture of this iron horny toad on the west side of TX79

I get a mirror shot of Bud as we continue South on TX79

We arrive at the DQ in Olney Texas, located on TX114. For more on Dairy Queen, see this link:

The Dairy Queen in Olney Texas

Our bikes are parked along the East fence. Bud's Red Venture and my black Harley. The Venture's seat is like sinking down in a recliner. It's very comfortable.

The great folks at Dairy Queen that were working and helping out today are: left to right: Elyse, Irene (Manager) and Damaion. They did an excellent job today. They were quick & efficient. They made a great team and Dairy Queen is very lucky to have them as employees. I will go back here because of the service and atmosphere. Very friendly & comfortable and clean!

During our three hour stay there, we watched the folks working hard and serving their customers with quick and efficient service. Here is Damaion giving the dining room another wipe down prior to the arrival of over 86 motorcycles and 100+ riders/passengers. Not only is Damaion hard working, he also has a great sense of humor.

The Dairy Queen team at Olney Texas: Elyse, Irene and Damaion

Damaion also pointed out the coolest seat in the dining room, right near the air condioner outlets. Here Bud gets a picture of me enjoying the cool air.

Here is Bud enjoying the cool air. When the riders arrived, he would mark their wrist bands with a green stripe. I then would give them a raffle ticket for the door prize drawing later on at the Eagles Lodge back in Wichita Falls, Texas

Bud takes off his cap and cools his Bud is a former Marine and a Vietnam Vet and a good friend

The riders arrive in groups of 10-12. They get their tickets and then the majority of the riders got something to drink, and some, something to eat, before heading onto Archer City Texas and stop #4.

Another group of riders arrive and get some refreshments at the DQ.

This is Richard. He rode from Olney to Wichita Falls, to ride in today's ride. He is also a manager (I think) at the Dairy Queen in Olney Texas. I met him last Tuesday when I and Russ were checking a ride route out and we stopped in at the DQ for a bite to eat.

Katie and Laura arrive. Bud marks Katie wrist band so she can get a raffle ticket.

Gary & Jean Ann arrive. Gary is a North Texas PGR Ride Captain.

Laura talks to Bud as Richard enjoys the coolneass of the business. It was starting to get close to 100 degreeas outside.

Laura is enjoying an ice cream cone, or should I say, was enjoying her ice cream cone until I started taking pictures.

Laura's cohort and partner in crime, Katie, covers up but still shows the ice cream evidence.

Moe and Dennis arrive and Moe comes over to say hi and get her ticket. Moe just got back from two weeks on the East Coast up around Maine.

Doug arrives and he and Bud talk

Bud and Amy. She was going to head home after the Archer City stop.

This is Tattianna, aka: Tapti. She rides with Doug and is always smiling.

Laura and Bud talking at the Dairy Queen.

Gary & Jean Ann in Olney Texas

I heard Moe got Dennis this Wild Hogs shirt..

Laura gives David a bike of her ice cream cone

Doug enjoys his dipped cone inside the DQ

This is Don. He is in the USAF and stationed at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls Texas

This is Nubbin and Bud and Ted, when they came out & closed Stop #3 down.

Ted is riding in the final group and shutting the stops down. We will leave Olney Texas and go to Archer City Texas and close Stop #4 down and then head to the Eagles Lodge in Wichita Falls for the door prize drawings, lunch & dinner, silent auction and live bands..

Ethan is doing the ride with Grandpa Nubbin on Nubbin's trike. Bud looks on.

This is Don's HarleyFatboy. A great looking USAF project bike

We head out to the bikes to leave Olney Texas

The left side of Don's Fatboy..

We head out and this is Bud in the mirror shot as we head North on TX79

Up front is Ted, followed by Tex and Laura, then Nubbin & Ethan on the trike, then me and Bud is at the rear..

We get to the DQ in Archer City and park the bikes.

As Tex & Ted head in, Doug is heading out.

Angela gets a hug from Tex as we enter the DQ

Brenda is all smiles. She is going to pick up Charlie and take him to the Eagles Lodge when she leaves here.

Brenda and Laura at the DQ in Archer City Texas

This oddity was sitting on the counter

Angela's grandson, Ethan, plays a little hide and seek

The DQ in Archer City Texas, located on the Southside on TX79

Our bikes in Archer City Texas

Nubbin's Harley Trike

Ethan had his choice, he could finish the ride with Angela in the air conditioned Tahoe or he could finish the ride on the Trike with Grandpa Nubbin. The picture says it all!

Nubbin gets Ethan situated on the trike

AS we head out of Archer City, Bud is at the back, Nubbin & Ethan are in front of Bud, I don't know who that is behind me, then it's Ted up front of me and Tex & Laura are leading us in.

Tex & Laura up front and Ted is directly in front of me as we head West on FM1954

We get to the Eagles Lodge on Seymour Highway in Wichita Falls Texas. Mike is heading out to find a m/c trailer because one of the riders from Childress Texas, Grinch, had a blow out on his rear tire between Electra Texas and Vernon Texas. At the table, Barbara and Tex get all the tickets ready for the door prize drawing.

Ted & Inez at the table at the Eagles Lodge.

Sherrie and Laura at the Eagles Lodge in Wichita Falls Texas

Inez and Sherrie are enjoying themselves.

Mike heads out as Tex and Barbara get ready for the door prize drawings.

Barbara calls out the winning numbers

One of prizes was a clear coke bottle filled with red, then white then blue stones with an American flag stuck down in it with a patriotic ribbon bow on the top of the bottle.

Gary & Ted, Jean Ann and Inez look on as the numbers are called

As soon as the drwings were over, I headed out to do some running around with Janice. Here are some of the bikes parked up by the entrance. That's Don's bike in the shade.

The majority of the bikes were parked over by the old Pioneer Seafood Restaurant

As I headed home, I still had my Nikon hanging around my neck. Curiousity got to me and I wanted to see if I could use it and take a picture while rolling down the road. Here is the picture looking South down Barnett Rd., I took with it. Well now, the possibilities are now endless...
This will conclude this post. I had a great time today and the turnout for this event was outstanding. It was great meeting Manuel & Consuelo and all the folks who came out today. I look forward to the next ride or event whenever it occurs and wherever it takes us.
Scroll down for more rides, events and runs and don't forget to click on the "OLDER POSTS" link at the bottom of each page or under the last post on the page, for more of the same.
You can access NORTH TEXAS (I), NORTH TEXAS II and NORTH TEXAS III at the following links: I ;II ;
Please continue to pray for all of our troops, both in and out of harm's way.
Until next post, ya'll be careful out there, keep the rubber on the road, keep your head on a swivel and most important of all..............RIDE SAFE .................JOHN

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