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Friday, 7-30-10, the PGR had a mission up in Duncan Oklahoma for Chuck Buckman, a former Lawton Oklahoma Police Officer and U.S. Navy vet. He had left the LPD and joined a security company that trained Afghan Police Officers. While teaching these Afghans about weapons, one of the "friendly" Afghan officers shot and killed Chuck and, I am told, a couple other American instructors. Scroll down and join us on this PGR mission to Duncan Oklahoma for the Memorial service at the Duncan First Baptist Church and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE.

We arrive at the staging area, the Shell Station at US287 and Windthorst Rd. That is Gary, Jimmy, Tex, Ted and Doug.

Nubbin arrives on his trike

Gary talks to Jimmy as Jimmy stows his gear

Here is Doug with Katie looking on as Doug moves his bike

Nubbin circling to get to his parking spot

Tex and Ted talking. Both are North Texas PGR Ride Captains.

This is Katie. She is a local RN and its always good to have medical folks with us on a ride..Plus the fact, she is a good friend

This is a pic of Tex, Ted & me. I am not a Ride Captain. I am kinda like the official unofficial photographer on these rides.

another of Tex, Ted & me

Jimmy will lead us today..

This is Jimmy. He rode up from the Windthorst Texas area

This is Katie, Ted, Jimmy & Gary

This is Ted and Gary is behind him

This is Gary & Doug. I did not notice that tree behind Doug and how it came to be on this photo. Purely coincidental. Someone made the comment on Face Book that this looked like a CHIA-DOUG...

Gary's Harley

Doug is explaining to Jimmy the benefits of riding down Windthorst Road as opposed to trying to get all of us on US287 and then to the inside lane in morning traffic.

Gary & Tex talk prior to us leaving for Duncan Oklahoma

Doug and Tex talking prior to us leaving

Gary and Ted talking

This is Katie again. She rides her own bike and has no problem handling it.

Doug, Jimmy, Gary, Ted and Tex just before we departed for Duncan Oklahoma.

Doug's idea was accepted and we head North down Windthorst Rd. toward E. Scott. In front of me are Ted, Tex and Doug.

Ted, Tex and Doug are in front of me as we head down Windthorst Rd. This will be the last road shot because when we got on TX79, as I pulled my camera out of the cup holder to take a picture, the battery compartment popped open and the batteries fell out. First time that has happened since January 2008, when I started using the digital to take pics while rolling down the road. It really sucked.

We get to Duncan Oklahoma and take a break. I went inside and bought two aa batteries and put them in my camera and the camera still didn't work because, as I found out later, it only uses Lithium Batteries not the alkaline type. So that was a waste of $5.00. Here are Tex and Jimmy talking in the parking lot

Nubbin and Katie talking, Jimmy & Tex walking to there bikes, Doug is laid back on his bike and Ted & Gary are talking just before we head out the last few blocks to the First Baptist Church of Duncan.

Ted & Gary talking in the parking lot, Tex & Doug talking while Doug reclines on his Harley and Jimmy getting his stuff ready as we get ready to head to the church

Another view of Tex & Doug, Jimmy and Katie & Nubbin

We get to the First Baptist Church of Duncan Oklahoma and find we are the first bikes there.

Being the first ones there we take advantage of the shade. Left to right: Doug, Jimmy, Katie, Tex, Ted, Nubbin and Gary. Gary is looking at Chief's trike. Chief, with the SW Oklahoma Chapter of the PGR, had arrived right after we did and had taken something over to the church

This is Rachel (Susan's niece), Susan, Katie & Doug. Susan was with one of the local law enforcement agencies.

The Lawton Oklahoma Police Department Honor Guard arrives and exits their van.

Looking back at our North Texas PGR group in the shade and talking to Susan & Rachel

Left to right: Jimmy, David & Chief (SW OKLA PGR), Doug & Tex

David & Chief. Chief makes a lot of North Texas PGR missions and we in turn make a lot of SouthWest Oklahoma PGR missions.

This is Tex. He is one of the folks we ride with that I have the highest respect for, due to his outstanding military service during the Vietnam War and dedication & sacrifice that he still makes, paying his respect & honor to those on the PGR mission like today. And I am proud to call him my friend

This is Lt. Larry Cochran of the LAWTON POLICE DEPARTMENT. He walked over to thank us for being there this morning. For more on the Lawton P.D. see this link:

The Lawton Police Department Honor Guard, went thru a few practice dry runs prior to the service.

One of the PGR support vehicles. You do not have to be a Vet or have a motorcycle to be a member of the PGR. We have several non-military folks and non-motorcycle folks with us. For more info on the PGR or if you'd like to join the PGR (it's free and there are PGR units Nationwide), check out this link:

The SW Oklahoma PGR arrives and finds some shade.

We talk as we await word on the order of events for the PGR involvement in today's mission..

This is Cindy. She is the SouthWest Oklahoma PGR Area Representative.

I walk over to Nubbin. He has two of these patches on his vest. One is for SSGT Gary C. Johnston, his brother who was killed in Vietnam in 1970...

And the other is for USMC SGT. Gary S. Johnston, his son, who was killed in the Anbar Province in Iraq in 2007. The Johnston family has paid a heavy price in keeping our nation free.

This is Roadkill and Bull. Roadkill in the SW Oklahoma PGR Ride Captain in charge of today's mission.

Roadkill gives us the order of events for today's mission

Anticipating a huge turnout for today's service, they have us move our bikes back across the alley and up against the business wall, in the shade. Here is Gary, Doug, Jimmy, Tex and Chief walking in front of the bikes.

As we relax in the shade, an old friend arrives. This is Jorge..

Jorge bought this 2007 Harley Softail in 2007 when he returned from his tour in Iraq. Jorge is another of America's heroes.

The PGR member's bikes in the shade. Duncan Oklahoma

We walk back to the front of the Church to help unfurl the flags and get them set up on the stationary rows, in the front of the church

Jimmy, Nubbin, Gary & Jorge get their flags to unfurl as Roadkill & Cindy talk with Lt. Cochran.

Lt. Cochran gives Roadkill & Cindy the order of events for the funeral/memorial service.

Nubbin heads out with a couple of flags to be set stationary as Chief comes in to join the conversation with Lt. Cochran.

Jorge gets ready to head out with a couple flags to be set stationary on the awaiting rebar

The flags from the street corner to the circular drive in front of the church

David and Jorge wait for Doug to arrive and put some rebar into the ground for the flags.

This is the ever hard working Chief. It was great to see him again.

Tex and Nubbin head back to the support vehicle with some extra flags

Here Doug sets some rebar in place for a flag

Doug, Katie & Bull as Doug gets ready to set another piece of rebar

Barbara (driver of the support vehicle) and Ted take advantage of the shade after all the stationary flags have been put up.

Cindy made a "Freudian slip" comment about one of the flag pole attachments and starts laughing when she realized what she had said. and, No, I am not gonna repeat it. I promised her I wouldn't.

This is Grant amd Malissa. Grant is Roadkill's brother and Malissa is Roadkill's daughter. Grant is from Glendale Arizona and next year when I ride out to Tucson to see Bill, I am gonna swing up to Glendale (just down the road on I-10) and see Grant.

Tex, Cindy, Roadkill and Gary get some more flags out of the support vehicle to unfurl. I did not get the PGR member's name between Tex and Cindy

Bull heads over to help unfurl the flags.

Jorge & Doug, when Doug finishes setting up rebar

This is Malissa, Grant, Barbara and Roadkill.

another of Malissa, Grant, Barbara and Roadkill

a closer pic of Malissa, Grant, Barbara and Roadkill

another close pic of Malissa, Grant, Barbara and Roadkill. I told Grant that since he was in from out of state, I would take some extra pics for him.

Grant is also a PGR Ride Captain in Arizona

Malissa, Grant & Barbara

Roadkill talks to some of the guys back at the bikes

One of the many Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) vehicles there today.

Jimmy enjoying the shade after setting the flags up

Ted is another good friend that I have a lot of respect for and hold in high regard. Both he and Tex are Bronze Star winners back during the Vietnam War. Here is Ted checking in with his wife, Inez.. We were running a little late and Ted had to be back in Wichita Falls Texas for an appointment in another hour or so.

We all go back to the bikes to rest in the shade until we are called forward to stand the flag line.

Another view of the PGR members and the bikes as we rest in the shade

Nubbin & Katie talking, Bob walking toward me, and Jimmy & Doug talking to a SW Okla. PGR member.

Bob & Ted. The PGR Ride Captains wear the Maroon ball caps and the regular PGR members wear the blue ball caps. The blue ball caps can be purchased. The maroon caps are presented to the Ride Captains

another of Ted & Bob, with Nubbin in the middle.

Roadkill talks to a couple of Okla PGR members

Jimmy, Doug and Gary taking it easy in the shade.

Katie heads up front and this is Grant, Gary & Malissa as we start back up front to stand the flag line

Roadkill and Grant lead the group back up. Behind them are Jimmy, Nubbin, Ted, Tex, Doug & Cindy

We head to the support vehicle and the tree where our unfurled flags are waiting

Roadkill gives out the final information for the flag line now and for after the service

Doug, in the blue levi vest, listens in on the final briefing by Roadkill and Cindy

We line up. It was one PGR member with flag, between two of the stationary flags

Doug started off to my right until he moved to my left to be between the flags by the parking lot entrance.

Katie is now to my right

Doug is now to my left

Barbara fills in the spot vacated by Doug, to my right

The stationary flags across the street from my position.

The First Baptist Church-Duncan Oklahoma sign across from my position.

With the service beginning and everyone (family, friends, coworkers etc.) in the church, we return our flags to the support vehicle and tree. That's Gary leaning on the truck.

Ted & Jimmy back at the shade and support vehicle.

While Katie and the rest of us listen in, Roadkill and Cindy release those of us who have to leave, and tells everyone else when to return for the salute line. Since it was getting hot and several of us had pre-exiting plans back in Texas, our North Texas PGR contingent headed back to Texas.

Nubbin really enjoyed that shade tree. By the time we got back to Texas, ate & got home, it was reportedly 105 degrees out there.

The number of law enforcement vehicles from around the state had increased impressively. Chuck Buckman had held a Master's Police Officer Rating and was well know and well liked in the SouthWest Oklahoma region. The size of the memorial gave testimony to that fact, and it was an honor for us to be invited and able to attend this event today

We get back to the bikes and prepare to leave. Here is Ted bending over and retrieving something he dropped. I suggested we eat at the Byers Cafe in Byers Texas on the way in and all agreed, so the Byers Cafe would be our next stop after gassing up the bikes that were on fuel.

Some of the SW Okla. PGR members were going to local restaurants to eat so as to be back in time for the Salute Line. Texas does not incorporate the salute lines into our missions and each state do their missions a little differently.

This is Steve. He is from Duncan Oklahoma and a member of the SW Okla. PGR.

We get to the gas station and as those who need to top off, do so, Ted & I get to talking to Charles. Charles is a member of the SW Okla PGR and had driven down from Chickasha Oklahoma to attend the PGR Mission.

This is Charles. He is a Vietnam vet also, and he was riding a sharp looking Triumph motorcycle. They quit giving the Vietnam ribbon to the support bases a couple months before I got there. So I am a Vietnam "area" Vet and a Vietnam Era vet...

We leave Duncan Oklahoma and arrive in Byers Texas a while later. Here we park in the shade of the trees. This is Nubbin, Katie and Doug

Nubbin sheds a jacket and Katie gets ready to head into the Byers Cafe. The Byers Cafe is on TX79 at Central Ave in Byers Texas. It sits across the street from the Bank and diagonally across the street from a building that has a huge Texas flag painted on the building that can be viewed if Northbound. If Southbound, the Byers Cafe is about two blocks down on the right from the water tower. Just look for the sign out front.

And here is the Byers Cafe sign. They have the BEST home cooked meals there and it is run by a great family and has a great atmosphere inside. I love going there and highly recommend the Byers Cafe to everyone. For the Cafe's hours and catering information, call them at 940-529-6570.

Katie and Tex head inside the Byers Cafe

Our table in the Byers Cafe. At the table from around the left side are: Tex, Nubbin, Ted, Jimmy and Katie

Doug joins us at the table. The Byers cafe was packed when we filled up the next to last table. Right after we sat down, some other folks came in and got the table behind and to Doug's left.

Here is Tex, glad to be inside like the rest of us.

This is Nubbin. He and his wife, Angela, ride with us all the time and I am proud to have them as friends. Angela rides a trike also. Nubbin has, in addition to his trike, a two wheeled bike as well.

This is the Byers Cafe typical hamburger and fries plate. I haven't had it yet because I am hung up on their chili, but they say it is delicious. I may try it one of these days. But right now, I am perfectly satisfied getting a bowl of their chili. Tastes OUTSTANDING!!!

This is me and Tracy. Tracy is the owner of the Byers Cafe. Her daughter Nicole is a waitress and her son, Trevor, is the cook. You couldn't ask for a nicer place to visit, great folks to talk to, a pleasant atmosphere and great home cooked meals to eat. If you are ever in the area of Byers Texas, I suggest you stop in and say hi and get a bite to eat. You won't be disappointed.

Here are Ted and Tracy. Tracy was going non stop when we arrived. She was gracious enough to stop for a second so we could take a picture or two. Thanks Tracy!!! We appreciate you and the family and the great service you provide to the public.

We finish eating and head out to the bikes. Here are Tex, Nubbin, Ted and Katie as we get ready to head home.

This is Nubbin, Ted, Katie, Jimmy and Doug. The gentleman standing and talking to Doug is the man Doug buys his Christmas tree from every year. This will conclude this post.
I enjoyed seeing everybody today and meeting Grant, Rachel, Barbara, Roadkill, David and everyone else. It was an honor to be able to attend this mission.
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Please continue to pray for all of our troops both in and out of harm's way.
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